Casa Pajuzo

Enjoy the traditional way of life, in a historic house.

inicioEnjoy the traditional way of life, with maximum convenience in Chelva's Pajuzo Rural house in the District of La Serranía (Valencia), is a traditional construction of early to mid 19th century, 1830-1850s. Its architecture is based on formwork lime, Earth, sand and stones, pine, with brick vaults joists and palmerworm, etc... Style responds to the typology of the traditional housing chelvana: kitchen, master bedroom, rooms, quarters of the pitcher and oil, and by so-called the cambras or covers to deposit the product of the field. The House was formerly known as "The House of los Caramelos", famous among children and adults. The candies were produced based on honey, chocolate, almond... It was also known as "the House of aunt confectionery". Its original owner, "Pajuzo", was an emblematic character of Chelva, known for his fighter character. Simultaneously, he worked in various trades such as Sheriff or librarian.